Former pro Baseball Player Arrested for Trying to Steal Lingerie with a Fishing Rod

Tokyo, Japan: a man has been arrested for trying to steal women’s undergarments by using a fishing rod, with the man being identified as 37 year-old former professional baseball player Yukihito Nakanishi. He has been charged with attempted larceny.

Hirohito Nakanishi
Yes ladies, even this guy can have a creepy side.

According to the arrest report, the incident took place on January 28 at around 8:10 AM. From his second-story balcony, he extended a fishing rod over to his neighbor’s balcony (who is in her 50s), in an attempt to steal her undergarment that she had hung out to dry. There was no fishing line or hook on the rod, and it’s believed that he was trying to latch the pole onto the undergarment. The perpetrator claimed “I was just extending my rod.” Yukihito Nakanishi was the 7th draft pick for Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters in 1995. He was designated for assignment and left the team in 2000. Reactions online:

In her 50s… He extended his rod, huh? I seriously think he was just doing some maintenance on it Who asked you to be funny? What’s this anime called?

55 Year-Old Woman Pretends to Be a College Student, Tricks a Man into Giving Her $50,000

Miyazaki, Japan: an unemployed 55 year-old woman has been arrested for fraud, in which she tricked a man into wiring her money. She pretended to be a young college student that was no longer receiving money from her parents, and even played the role of a strict mother that disapproved the relationship for added realism.

According to the Miyazaki Police Department, the incident took place during 2010, between January and September. The 55 year-old woman pretended to be a 20 year-old student at a prestigious medical school, and through an online dating service got in contact with a man in this 20s (at the time a college student) in Hyogo prefecture.

She sent him emails like “let’s be together in the future,” to give the impression that they were working toward marriage. He sent her 6,000,000 yen (over $49,400) over 150 transactions to the woman’s daughter’s bank account.

Women may be bombarded with creepers online, but be careful men! You’re not off the hook either.

Hollywood Adaptation of AKIRA on Hold? Director: “We Haven’t Progressed at All!”

The much anticipated resurgence of the Hollywood adaptation of AKIRA may be going into hiatus once again.

Under Warner Bros., the movie has been in pre-production for a few years, suffering several major delays due to changes in director.

In 2011 Jaume Collet-Serra was chosen to direct, whose directing credits include House of Wax, Orphan, and Unknown.

During a recent interview for his latest film Run All Night, director Collet-Serra was asked if any progress has been made on AKIRA, to which he replied: “No, no. There’s nothing.”

He added that he has been making movies nonstop for the past few years, that it won’t be for a while until he’s ready to go back to work again.

When asked if AKIRA is going to get released at all, he replied that “it’s a Warner Bros. question.”

This Is What the Ladies Notice First about Your Fashion Sense

A Japanese men’s fashion magazine has polled women to find out just what qualities women notice first about a fashionable man.

“We track what real girls look for with the accuracy of a laser pointer! Girls are looking at “this” when she sees a fashionable guy!”

Is it his hat, shoes, accessories or something else? Drumroll please…

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Skinny Gundam Found in the Philippines, Owner Claims It’s an Original Design

Jed’s Island Resort, an amusement park and lodge, seems to have more than  a handful of copyright violations on its park: statues of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Bumblebee, Mazinger Z, Voltes V, and more cover the premises.

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Top 7 Phrases That Repel Girls

1. Can we split the bill?

I was enjoying the evening with a delicious dinner, but it felt like I was pushed from a cliff at the last moment. Splitting the check is unbelievable. You had a great time with me right? Do you think that happiness is free? (51, housekeeper)

2. Can I kiss you?

Kisses should be natural. Even if we’re not dating, sure you can tell by the mood if we can kiss or not. Why would you ask if we can kiss? And that face they make when they ask is so gross. (33, office worker)

3. Stop gozaru~!!

(Note: gozaru is archaic Japanese, used when samurai still roamed the lands)

I was playing around poking his sides, when suddenly he said “s, s, stop gozaru~!” What the hell is up with “gozaru.” Are you from the Edo Period? On top of that we were at the Shinjuku train station. So embarrassing. (22, college student) Continue reading Top 7 Phrases That Repel Girls

20 Reasons Why Unattractive Men Have Girlfriends

Perhaps you’ve seen this before, where a gorgeous woman is locking arms with a seemingly average (or below average) looks. Guys wonder how the heck he pulled it off, usually settling on a big salary. But what’s the real secret? Japanese women give a little insight.

  1. Is naturally good at being thoughtful of others
  2. Hygienic
  3. Good listener
  4. No prejudices against anyone
  5. Seems intelligent
  6. Good conversationalist
  7. Is decisive and reliable
  8. Serious about his work & takes responsibility
  9. He’s modest and others trust him
  10. Good at managing his finances
  11. Positive and easy-going
  12. Puts others first
  13. Clean and proper vocabulary
  14. Neat eater
  15. Fashion sense is superb
  16. Tight body
  17. Gets along well with his family
  18. Good at house chores
  19. Great memory, remembers past conversations
  20. Always answers his messages

20 Reasons Why Handsome Men Don’t Have Girlfriends

Even physical attractiveness has its limits if the guy in question is, well, questionable. Here are the top reasons Japanese women gave that make them say “no way.”

  1. Insensitive and keeps saying mean things
  2. Doesn’t brush their teeth, doesn’t bathe — unhygienic
  3. Narcissist
  4. Too loose with money
  5. Lacks common sense
  6. Changes attitude depending on who they’re talking to
  7. Doesn’t listen
  8. Eats sloppily
  9. Looks down on women and children
  10. Full of himself, rates himself too highly
  11. Not an ounce of intelligence
  12. Goes on and on about his boring conquests
  13. Vocabulary is trashy
  14. He has let his body go
  15. Boring conversationalist
  16. Fashion sense is really lame
  17. Has no stamina, gets tired too quickly
  18. Awful memory, can’t remember past conversations
  19. Messages are littered with emoji
  20. Says emo things like “I’m good looking but I’m empty inside…”

Ex-Girlfriend Sneaks in Secret Ingredient for a Special Valentine’s Chocolate

Sometimes when it’s over, it isn’t over! This girl just couldn’t forget about her ex-boyfriend, so she decided to make him a special Valentine’s Day chocolate with a lovely twist.

Original conversation and my translation below:

Good morning!!!
And, Happy Valentine’s!!!

G, good morning!
Happy Valentine’s!

Oh, thanks again for the chocolates yesterday! I didn’t expect a letter, it was nice of you! It was good so I ate them all lol

Haha, you ate them so fast!
Are them all already??
Oh, sorry about the letter, my handwriting is so bad! (-ω-; )

Yeah, ate them lol
No way, your handwriting was fine!

I’m sorry to bring up the past again, but

I don’t know how to thank you, especially since I’m the one that ended the relationship…

Hehehe ( *´ `*)
I’m looking forward to White Day!! ♡

But you know, about that…

The chocolate you ate, I wanted to put my blood in it since I heard that it works like a love spell. Maybe it was a joke though.

But I thought, blood’s a bit much…

So you know, we’ve kissed right? So kinda like a replacement, I snuck in some of my saliva. Seems like you didn’t notice. Sorry!

Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything? lolol

I felt bad keeping it a secret, so I thought I’d apologize first! Really sorry!


I still love you. I can’t forget you.

I can’t forget you, so that’s why I’ve been wanting to stay friends with you, dragging this relationship. But just friends is tough.
Sorry to be dramatic. I sound a little crazy. I know that it’s one of the reasons you dumped me.

But you know, you’re still kind to me as always, we’re still friends right? That means you like me at least a little, right? You were happy about Valentine’s too! So I want you to think it over, if we can date again…

Yes, this really is a thing.
Yes, this really is a thing.

This Sailor Moon in Taiwan is Nightmare Fuel

Danny Choo, everyone’s favorite professional otaku, has found a less-than-perfect Sailor Moon clone in Taipei, Taiwan:

Sailor Moon TaiwanDanny notes that it seems to be in a doctor’s office, perhaps to keep the kids “happy” while visiting.

It looks to be a refurbished unit from Japan that had a very bad paint restoration, to the point that she’s no longer blonde and Luna became a dog.


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