Dragon Ball author Akira Toriyama: “The Majin Buu Saga was intense to create! I lost interest in writing battle scenes after that”

If you’ve ever read or watched Dragon Ball, it is one of the best examples of manga with powerful characters engaging in intense battle scenes. It’s regarded as a classic for this reason, and a recent interview with the creator revealed interesting information about its creation.

Creator Akira Toriyama said in a recent interview, “Majin Buu was the strongest enemy in the original manga series. The last enemy was round! He’s strong! And he’s really persistent!

Even I got frustrated drawing the manga, since the battle scenes were so intense and drawn out. I’m an old man with high blood pressure that prefers light flavors now, so I can’t draw such epic battle scenes anymore. To be frank, after drawing those scenes, I lost interest in writing in battles altogether.”

He added, “as a creator, I much prefer the interactions between minor characters. When I drew the silly Mr. Satan (Hercule in the West) contributing to the hero’s victory, it sent shivers down my spine.”

Reactions Online:

I’ve read a lot of manga, but I really think Dragon Ball had some of the best choreographed battles.

He must be a genius if he can create such a huge hit without even giving his best

His last short series was pretty fun and that’s the kind of manga he wants to write, but everyone else wants Dragon Ball

No matter how good the manga starts outs, it can ruin the manga and the writer themselves if they needlessly keep writing without end

If someone asked me what manga had the ultimate battle scenes, I’d say Dragon Ball in a heartbeat


74 year-old man arrested for punching a banker that refused to tell him the ATM card’s PIN that he can’t remember

On 3/25 in Shimane prefecture, Japan, an unemployed 74 year-old man was arrested for suspicions on aggravated assault.

According to the police report, the man had forgotten his ATM card’s PIN code, and was denied the information when he asked the banker. The man has admitted that he punched the banker out of frustration.

Responses Online:

You live for 74 years and this is how you act? This is why old people doesn’t necessarily equal wise anymore

Do we still have to pay him social security?

There are seriously people like this, where they ask for the PIN. I worked at a cell phone shop, and a guy said “why don’t you have my PIN on file? That’s irresponsible!” Of course we don’t know! It’s called a PIN, Personal Identification Number, for a reason!


Young girl receives a message on her Nintendo 3DS: “When you like someone, you should send photos of yourself naked”

A young girl has been involved in a sexual harassment incident through her Nintendo 3DS video game system.

Last April, a 22 year-old man from Fukuoka prefecture messaged a seventh grade female student with a Nintendo 3DS connected to the internet. The message read: “When you like someone, you should send photos of yourself naked”.

Reactions Online:

If there’s a sliver of a chance, perverts everywhere will try to exploit a system like this to approach children. Why did Nintendo make such a fallible system?

These articles crop up like clockwork.

We need to teach our kids to do the right thing before we blame the method of delivery

The parents are the idiots, they’re clueless!

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Top foreign cars that Japanese women want their boyfriends to drive

If you’re a single man in the market for a car in Japan, this is the list for you. Over a thousand Japanese women have cast their votes on what foreign car they want a man to pick them up in , and the results are mostly expected, with a few curve balls.

1. BMW
2. Audi
3. Mercedes Benz
4. Porsche
5. Ferrari
6. Jaguar
7. Volvo
8. Mini
9. Hummer
10. Peugeot

There are a few oddballs in the top 10, but most are luxury or exotic sports cars as expected. Any betting woman would guess that nice cars equal deep pockets.

11. Alfa Romeo
11. Volkswagen
13. Chevrolet
14. Lamborghini
14. Rolls Royce
16. Jeep
17. Ford
18. Cadillac

However, we start to see some interesting brands. Volkswagen, Chevrolet, and Ford are quite affordable these days, and are commonplace in the United States. It’s shocking to see the likes of Volkswagen and Chevrolet place above Lamborghini and Rolls Royce.

18. Land Rover
18. Renault
21. Lincoln
22. Fiat
22. Maserati
24. Aston Martin
24. Chrysler
24. Saab
24. Citroen
24. Bentley
29. MG
30. Opel

We even see relatively cheap cars like Fiat tie with Maserati. The troubled Chrysler ties with Bentley as well. It seems like it’s time for women to take another look through the car magazines to see what costs what to avoid heartache. And men, don’t kid yourselves: the Chevrolet Spark isn’t going to, well, spark her interest in you.


Middle school vice principle caught flashing his naughty bits while riding motorcycle: “I like high school girls, it was thrilling”

On February 28, a middle school vice principle (50, male) was been arrested in Osaka, Japan for indecent exposure of his genitals. Victims include three high school female students, and the suspect will face a stern punishment.

According to police,  the vice principle admitted “I like high school girls. I was enjoying the thrill of seeing if I’d get caught.” Continue reading


“Pay me back $1,800 for the ten dates!” 48 year-old man arrested for intimidating his 27 year-old ex-girlfriend

Meeting at a marriage-seeking singles party, a 48 year-old man has been arrested for sending intimidating messages to a woman.

According to the police, the man is suspect for sending multiple messages from December 2013 to January of this year. The messages were sent by mail or left in the mailbox of a 27 year-old woman, containing such intimidating words like “Be careful of your surroundings. You never know what might happen to you.”

The suspect met the woman in September 2013 at a marriage-seeking singles party (konkatsu party), and took her on a total of 10 dates to restaurants and resorts. When the woman messaged the man that she wanted to stop seeing him, he replied by calling her and saying “give me back my 180,000 yen (~$1,770) that I spent on you.”

The woman contacted police, and the man was warned to not call or send messages to the woman. During questioning, the suspect said “I did ask her for the money back, but I did not threaten her.”

Responses Online:

And this is why you’re still single at 48

There’s no way a guy like this can get married

I understand what he’s feeling
But you have to let it go

He needs to learn some manners from AKB otaku

OMG, so stingy… I bet he’s not a looker either

Why would you go on a date with a guy you don’t like 10 times? Break up in three dates

“I ate nice meals, I have another guy I’m interested in, we haven’t even held hands, that was my plan all along (^o^)”

He’ll get fired from his job, marriage is not in the cards for him

That woman shouldn’t have lead him on either

$180 per date and if he couldn’t even have sex once with her… I feel bad for him

$1,800 and probably no sex, I’d be pissed too

I’ve heard stuff like this happen to my acquaintances, but doesn’t he think he’s being so uncool? I wouldn’t feel too bad if I at least got to have sex once

He was 48 and she was 27, just feel lucky that you got to live that dream

Holy crap he’s an idiot. He’s too damn cheap. He should just stay single and hit the brothels for the rest of his life

This is why I insist on splitting the bill. I wish women would be more open to it as insurance for risks like this

If I was immature like that guy when I’m 48, I’m going to cry

It’s perplexing how this woman was able to put up with this guy for 10 dates

They’re both at fault. These marriage-seeking single parties are full of like-minded people


2chan: Girlfriend “I went drinking” Me “With who?” Her “A guy friend”

1: Anonymous: 2014/02/24 (Mon) 08:53:10.49 ID: sJbbNVgP0

Me “Just the two of you?”

Her “Yup”

Me “I see”

Her “Yup”

Me “Just two of you, huh…”

Her “What? Is something wrong with that?”

Me “Nothing really”

Her “Say something if you have a problem”

Me “You’re not conscious about having a boyfriend, are you?”

Her “Huh?” Continue reading