Photo: Comparison of Japanese & US Drink Sizes

You may have heard that everything in Japan is more expensive compared to the United States, but perhaps we’re a little too generous instead. A series of photos has surfaced that compare the numerous fast food softdrink cups from Japan and the US. While the two countries share the three basic sizes (Small, Medium and Large), the differences between the equivalents are quite stark.

It’s no surprise that Americans have been crowned the country with the most obese people in the developed world. Approximately 65% of the population is considered either overweight or obese, with a steady rise the past three decades. With around 300,000 deaths a year attributed directly to obesity, it’s truly the silent killer.

At a fast food restaurant, an adult is naturally inclined to skip the small and maybe medium cups, since they consider themselves as grown ups. When you’re not clearly shown how big these cups are, you might end up with a big drink that you didn’t need. If you start to repeat the same mistake and order a large every time, then it’s time to assert some self control.

It can be a little difficult when restaurants like McDonald’s starts to tug your frugal heartstrings by offering any soft drink size at $1 — it’s important to remember that this is a campaign to train you to want more, even after the prices hike back up!