44.3% of Japanese men in their 20s have never dated, only 23.4% are currently dating

A poll conducted in eastern and south-western Japan has revealed the current relationship status of men and women in their 20s through 40s. Results suggest that those who have never dated before (29.6%) overwhelm those who are currently dating (27.5%).

Within those who answered that they’ve never dated before, 34.7% were  men compared to women at 23%; this perhaps means that romantically successful men are suitors to numerous women. Looking at the charts, the loneliest group was men in their 20s at a whopping 44.3%. Below is a handy chart, by yours truly:


According to questionnaires, younger respondents had higher expectations for romance. However, younger generations also self-proclaimed that they were herbivorous, meaning that they were non-aggressive when it came to finding a partner, and were more negative than the older respondents. This is a rising trend and doesn’t seem to be getting any better soon.


[Business Media Makoto via 俺的ゲーム速報@JIN]