How women decide if men are “Certified Ugly”; “face is way too close when talking to me” “calls me by weird nicknames”

Things that men in their 40s do that are unacceptable
* Percentage of women in their 20s that found it unacceptable

● Way too close to my face when talking! 99%
● Calls me by weird nicknames like “cutie” 98%
● Talks about how he was a “bad boy” even though I never asked 90%
● Stares at me when I’m eating 89%
● Acts like a foreigner and hugs me when we part ways 87%
● After a while, he starts to address me by simply saying “hey” 80%
● Dying to know details about my love life 79%
● Backs me into the wall and puts his hand against it 70%
● Inserts puns into every conversation 69%
● Takes photos of me whenever he can manage it 65%
● Pats my head to praise me 59%
● Sends me long emails about his life without warning 52%

<Below is relatively okay!>
● Splits the bill if we go out drinking 49%
● Gives me sweets all the time 40%
● Puts his hand behind the passenger headrest when backing the car 39%

I put my hand on the passenger headrest when backing my car, even when driving alone. Is it really bad? 39%???