On the 28th, a dead body of a man was found within the water pump facilities in Osaka, Japan. On the same night police arrested a 15 year-old male student in the 10th grade, on charges of bodily harm resulting in death.

During questioning, the student admitted that “he pissed me off when he told me that I was weak (at fighting).”

The deceased is a 31 year-old unemployed man. It seems that he was kicked, fell, and fatally hit his head.

Online reactions:

The hell were you doing, unemployed idiot…

Can’t tell if the high school student was really strong, or if the unemployed guy was too weak

Unemployed chump picking a fight with a 15 year-old kid, only to die by a kick lol

What a punchline that the unemployed guy “kicked” the bucket

Of course it’s Osaka again

Hold on a minute, why is a 15 year-old friends with a 31 year-old?

Source: オレ的ゲーム速報@刃

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