Looking to lose weight? Try these bendy tin chopsticks

I’ve heard recommendations before that if you want to lose a little weight, try eating with chopsticks. You’ll grab smaller portions to chew and let your brain feel fuller faster by taking more time, and if you’re not very good at using them in the first place that’s a challenge on its own. Being a native お箸 (ohashi; chopstick) user myself, this isn’t a great tip for Asian folks (or non-Asian chopstick experts). This is where ES Corp’s tin chopsticks come in.

ES Corp has come to the rescue with a unique set of chopsticks made from 100% tin, which are malleable enough to shape shift while attempting to grab food. They’re recommended for special occasions to spur conversation, concentration exercise and dieting, and to ultimately appreciate the nearly perfected, standard chopsticks. When you’re done using the tin chopsticks, you can either use your hands or a rubber mallet to straighten them.

At $50 and $88 for two sets it’s not a steal, but it’s a unique product that would be fun to try with a friend.

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