Impossible statue found in Chinese antique shop, owner claims it’s possibly hundreds of years old

A Chinese tourist was looking for souvenirs when he came across a small statue allegedly from the Qing Dynasty era (1636-1912). He later posted his finding online on Chinese message boards, claiming: “I found this on vacation. The shop keeper was convinced that it was a product of the Qing Dynasty. Please advise.”

A stone statue made to look like manga/anime icon Doraemon
Stone statue that looks suspiciously familiar

No matter how you look at it, it’s Doraemon. From every angle it’s Doraemon, and the online community has leaned in:

  • Well, there’s no way this is from the Qing Dynasty
  • But wow, it almost looks real
  • Looks like it’s made of cement
  • I’ve analyzed the photos, it seems to be a work by Fujiko Fujio

Imagine what else this shop keeper is selling…